Look to the Highest…

Johnathan McCravy, Sandra Brooks McCravy, Sandi McCravy, Sandy McCravy, Greg McCravy, Derek McCravy, Johnathan McCravy

Recently, I gave a dear friend a picture of a sweet young girl in a white robe sitting in the lap of Jesus.  She had a wounded expression, but she also looked like she was now safe in the arms of our Father.  I loved that beautiful piece of art (I secretly hope I can find another one! 🙂

No matter how low you go, take a moment to look up.  He is there with an outstretched hand and a heart full of love.  Because you are his, and He cares for you.  Today, I asked my older son if he had seen God’s Hand in the situation we were facing and my son said, “Yes!”  My heart was filled with love!  Thank you Lord for showing your never ending love through family, dear friends, acquaintances, nature, animal, etc. We are blessed beyond measure.

I think it is time to take a few moments and look up and thank my great and awesome God that I am not in that low pit today.  Praise Jesus!  I looked up!!

I hope this post blesses you in some small way.  Don’t forget…look up!










































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