Greener Grass Syndrome

Walter Bright


Everybody wants a great relationship, a great marriage. Everybody wants a good job, you know, job security. Everybody want a church they can call home. Everybody wants a great ministry, to be used by God. Not too many, though, want to do what’s necessary to make it happen where they are. They are always looking for something better on the other side of the fence. The way to fix that is simple:

  • You love what you have
  • You nurture what you have
  • You invest in what you have
  • You put value on what you have
  • You believe in what you have
  • You are grateful and thankful for what you have
  • You cherish what you have
  • You water where you are

This is the cure, I think, to the greener grass syndrome. If you love your country, make it a better place. If you love your home, make it a better…

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