new stuff, and our fear of God’s initiatives of grace…

Pilgrim in Progress

IMG_9416This morning I’d like to pick up on a question that emerged during a discussion about my Monday post, “A New Lord’s Prayer for Today.” A lot of people read the post, and a few even listened to my song (if you didn’t listen, I believe it’s worth taking another look).

At some point in one of the ongoing conversations somebody – a “friend of a friend” – wrote the following (my response follows):

  • Reader: “I’m afraid I prefer the old version. We don’t always have to change everything, do we?”
  • Derek: “Who’s changing anything? I don’t think you have to choose one over another – just enjoy the beauty of creativity and God’s Spirit – God is always making things new, giving us new insight, and teaching us new things! BTW, which of the old versions is your favorite? I think I love almost all of them…”

REFORMATION: The question…

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